How not to diet?

How not to diet

“How To Not Diet” by Dr. Michael Greger outlines how a plant based diet can assist in weight loss. This article details all of Dr. Greger’s sixteen steps for Optimal Health, and his eleven tweaks for increased health benefits. Each week, he posts a new step and explanation, which are also linked below.

The primary focus of this book is the benefits of plant foods in weight loss. Specifically, it discusses the deficiencies that result from modern eating habits. The good food is described as healthy fat, organ meat and fresh produce. For instance, lean red meats are recommended instead of white meats. Grains and seeds are recommended instead of processed sugars and white flour products.

In addition to good nutrition, this book goes beyond food to discuss some of the most popular methods for burning stored fat: supplements, fasting, yoga, hypnosis and other alternative methods. Dr. Greger claims that a diet based on plant nutrition is superior to a diet based on processed foods and sugary snacks. While the book has no real supporting evidence, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to corroborate its claims. The end result is probably a personal preference for what works for you.

This is the second edition of the book that was once sold only as an e-book. With more than one hundred pages of new material and sixteen new chapters, How Not to Diet offers a wider variety of solutions for losing weight. Much of the content is based on the information that is presented in the previous portions of the book. That’s why this book is so helpful as a nutrition expert’s reference manual. It contains everything you need to know about reducing calorie intake, carbohydrates intake, protein intake, fats intake and the impact of saturated fats on health.

Beyond Food by Drs. Greger and Price take this further by introducing a new chapter focusing on how not to diet. The authors claim this new chapter offers readers real solutions and practical advice instead of just another dieting tip. This chapter helps dieters get through the most common hurdles that they encounter when attempting to lose weight. Beyond Food helps dieters learn how not to starve themselves, how to choose and prepare healthy meals and how to plan a proper grocery shopping list. This second edition of the popular self-help guide to dieting has helped a lot of people successfully lose weight.

If you are looking for a comprehensive weight-loss system that gives you cutting-edge dietary research, easy recipes, proven weight-loss techniques, and motivational support along with it, this may be the best one for you. Dr. Michael Allen and Lori Allen have teamed up again to create a completely new version of their best selling book. How Not to Diet has received rave reviews from readers who have lost pounds and gained more from this improved version of the original. In this new edition, the writers maintain their high standard of providing easy to read and effective weight-loss strategies.

Beyond Food by Drs. Greger and Price go beyond food concepts and provide readers with practical tips on eating healthy and losing weight. For instance, did you know that many foods that we think are healthy can actually increase your risk of certain types of cancer? This book will give you a good idea on what to avoid and what can go along with the good food you do eat. This includes information on what foods have the most beneficial nutritional qualities for you, good food choices for everyday meals and delicious recipes you can prepare at home or take out for lunch or dinner.

The author’s expertise as a nutritionist and fitness expert is fully recognized in this book. This is why this new text goes beyond food concepts and offers readers actionable advice on how they can lose weight and improve their overall health. If you want to get a good idea of how different diets work and what makes some more effective than the others, this is a must have. With a solid plan of action and advice that won’t leave you hanging after your first few weeks, this is one of the best books on the market for people looking for the best information available on weight loss. Dr. Greger and Lori Allen have once again created an essential guide for the ultimate in easy to use, quick and effective weight-loss accelerators available.