Nutritional Therapist Fiona Lawson
Nutritionist's Clinic


I work with clients during a series of appointments, creating a bespoke programme that considers their starting situation and the goals they wish to achieve. Using the Functional Medicine model, we target the root cause of an issue.

Just as you wouldn’t expect to attain the body of your dreams after one personal training session, you cannot achieve abundant health after one appointment! It takes patience and dedication—but clients often find the journey more enjoyable than they ever thought possible.

Vibrant health elevates all areas of your life; you are the most valuable investment you’ll ever make.

I hold regular clinics in London, and also offer a virtual clinic.

We work together to achieve your health goals, and I find meeting face-to-face and getting to know each other a little (whether in person or over Skype) makes for an effective partnership.

Some of the areas I can help with include:

This is not an exhaustive list. To discuss your situation during a free 10-minute exploratory phone call, please get in touch. You can also read more about my approach below.

My Approach

We are all biochemically different. We all have complex health histories. We all have unique life circumstances. Each programme I create is therefore bespoke and tailored precisely to the individual.

I am trained in the Functional Medicine approach, which means I delve deep into your health blueprint until we have found the root cause of an issue. You could present with the same symptoms as a friend or family member, but the cause of the issue may be completely different in your physiology. When it comes to the intricate balance of health, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Although each programme is unique, there are a few values that guide my work:

Food First

Vibrant health truly begins with what and how you eat. It operates as your fuel and ultimately becomes you.


We pinpoint your individual concerns, and take the most direct approach to combatting them.


Changing habits takes time, and my plans are shaped to guide you gently though the process.


Your health begins and ends with you. My role is to guide you to implement effective, sustainable strategies to last a lifetime.


I keep on top of the latest primary research, and undergo continual professional development so I can offer the most up-to-date advice. Whenever I’m not sure, I research until I’m certain.


True health is about abundance—not a state of restriction. I ensure that you retain the joy of eating, and come to relish the nourishing power of food.

If you are interested in becoming a client, please get in touch to arrange a free 10-minute exploratory phone call.