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Brand Communications

The pursuit of health is more fashionable than ever. But the world of wellbeing is also plagued by a lack of credibility. People seek companies they can trust.

I can help you create a brand that people want to connect with. And it all starts with your words.

I have a decade’s worth of experience working in the media, and I am a former national magazine editor. I now work strategically with health and wellbeing companies to enrich their written communications.

See below for examples of current and past collaborations:

My services are tailored to each business and their goals, but here are some examples of how we can work together:


Benefit from content that showcases your offering. Perfect for:

Blog posts

Web pages


Email sequences



Boost your confidence in your existing material. This includes:


Fact checking



Grammar/spelling checks

Brand Voice

Establish your business identity. You’ll come away with:

Your brand values

Your audience persona

Your key messages

A bespoke language guide

Your brand promise

Editorial Strategy

Share your brand values through targeted topics. You’ll get:

SEO research

Competitor analysis

Specific titles

Example structures

Writing tips

Expert Commentary

Elevate your material with evidence-based quotations. Perfect for:

Press releases

Product launches


White papers

Case studies

If you need content that engages your audience, please feel free to get in touch.